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Our Mission Statement and School Prayer

Our School Ethos

We believe that each person is a unique creation of God and we therefore respect and care for their individual needs.

We believe that the organising principle and source of strength in our school is love of Christ’s teachings and fidelity to the Catholic Church.

We respect the diverse and cultural background and faiths of our community and endeavour at every opportunity to build positive relationships between school, parish and home.

We aim to provide quality teaching and learning within a curriculum framework that allows each child to reach their true potential, both spiritually and academically


St Mary Magdalen's School Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,
Friend of all children,
Bless our School here at
St. Mary Magdalen’s
Bless the Pupils
Who work in it.
Help us to do our best.
Help us to be kind
to one another
and to be cheerful
throughout this day.
May we, Praise God, Love, Learn, Respect and Shine.

Our Mission Statement was written by our pupils:

At St. Mary Magdalen’s we:

We follow in Jesus’ footsteps in all that we do.

We love each other as we are all members of our special school family.

 We learn together and inspire each other.

We treat everyone with respect and celebrate our differences.

We are all unique, shining in God’s world.

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