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School of Sanctuary


A Place of Safety

St Mary Magdalen's school family is a rich and diverse community. We celebrate and rejoice that our families come from a wide range of different countries and backgrounds; I often think that if the world could reflect our school community, it would be a much happier and peaceful place.

We have been awarded the special title of a "School of Sanctuary", recognising how well our school family welcome and support new families and children who join our school community.

Please make an appointment to come and look around our school; see for yourself how lovely it is; we welcome visitors and new members to our community.

Mrs Nunes
Head of School


St Mary Magdalen’s Welcome Charter

A sanctuary is a place of welcome where everyone feels safe.
St Mary Magdalen’s is a School of Sanctuary.
When new families join our school, there are lots of things we can do to make them feel welcome.


Children from Reception to Year 6 have come up with some ideas…

Children can…

Be welcoming

Show where important areas are for example the toilets or the hall

Say please and thank you

Make friends even if they don’t have the same skills or interests as you

Explain our school motto

Translate if you can speak another language

Play and share toys, games and equipment

Explain about our key skills wheel and stickers

Help people if they are hurt or feeling sad

Ask about where other children have come from and how it might be different

Teachers can...

Help children with their work

Teach English and help them to understand

Show children around

Encourage children to be friends by giving them jobs to do together

Give children pictures and symbols to help

Give children a welcome pack

Make sure children can talk to them about any problems so every child feels safe and happy

Allow children time to go and speak to Mrs Nunes about their life

Parents can...

Make conversation with new parents and chat

Introduce themselves and their children

Talk to new children in the playground about school

Invite other parents for a coffee or a cup of tea

Invite other parents and children to dinner at their house to show their favourite food

Offer to bring children to school or offer to pick them

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