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The National Curriculum for mathematics (2014) describes in detail what pupils must learn in each year group. We follow the White Rose Schemes of Work. The learning for each year group is split into a number of learning blocks which cover all the appropriate mathematics objectives.  Each concept within a block is then split into a series of small steps in order to consolidate the pupils’ conceptual understanding. The schemes ensure an integrated approach to the National Curriculum of mathematics aims of fluency, reasoning and problem solving. 

At St Mary Magdalen Mathematics is taught as a discrete lesson for approximately fifty minutes every day in Key Stage 1 and one hour every day, in Key Stage 2. Pupils are given the opportunity to engage in practical activities, mathematical games and problem solving investigations alongside the regular practice of the appropriate mental and written methods. On Friday's children review and practise their arithmetic skills and target areas in which they want and need to improve.  Wherever links arise, mathematics is also taught in Topic lessons to help enable pupils to consolidate and apply concepts taught in discrete lessons to real-life contexts.

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