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Parents/Carers are encouraged to help their children at home. The school updates the homework policy each year, and the children are given folders to transport their work to and from school. Here are some suggestions as to how children may be helped at school:

  1. Reading to your child, listening to your child read.
  2. Encourage your child to use public libraries.
  3. Talk to your child and encourage them to talk to you to extend their vocabulary.
  4. Assisting your child with research.
  5. Aiding number work by practical activities involving counting, matching, measuring and memorising.
  6. Playing board games and card games.
  7. Training your child to greater degree of independence i.e. dress etc., particularly in the early stages of school life.

We run a homework club at school on Monday and Wednesday. Children are able to stay until 4:15pm and complete their homework; parents are invited to attend with their child.

Guidance and Structure

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