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Dressing of the Cross

Flowers brought in by children across Early Years and Key Stage One to celebrate that Jesus is risen

Catholic Education

Religious Education is the "core of the core curriculum" in a Catholic school (Pope John Paul II).  Placing RE at the core of the curriculum in Catholic schools helps the school to fulfil its mission to educate the whole person in discerning the meaning of their existence since "Religious Education is concerned not only with intellectual knowledge but also includes emotional and affective learning.  It is in the mystery of the Word made flesh that the mystery of what it is to be human truly becomes clear.  Without religious education, pupils would be deprived of an essential element of their formation and personal development, which helps them attain a vital harmony between faith and culture." (Religious Education Curriculum Directory p4).  Furthermore, religiously literate children and young people are able to engage in a fully informed critique of all knowledge, ".....leading, for example, to an understanding of the relationship between science and religion or history, and between theology, sport and the human body." (Religious Education Curriculum Directory p4).

What is the purpose of Religious Education in Catholic schools?

Catholic schools, with RE at their core, exist in order to "help parents, priests and teachers to hand on the Deposit of Faith in its fullness to a new generation of young people so that they may come to understand the richness of the Catholic faith, and thereby be drawn into a deeper communion with Christ in his Church."

Religious Education Curriculum Directory (pvii)

Who inspects Catholic schools?

All Catholic schools are subject to a diocesan inspection (which for maintained schools is also a Section 48 inspection) at least every five years.  These inspections are carried out by diocesan inspectors appointed by the Bishop in whose diocese the school is situated.  (Education Act 2005).

All maintained Catholic schools are also subject to Ofsted inspections at the intervals set out by Her Majesty's Chief Inspector.

Section 48 - RE Inspection Report

St. Mary Magdalen's is an outstanding Catholic school because:

"The school's mission statement is fully embedded in school life with the school living out its aim to value and celebrate the rich diversity within the school.  Pupils explicitly celebrate their different backgrounds and cultures.  Staff work hard to model the Gospel values which are evidenced in their relationships with pupils, colleagues, parents and pupils.  The religious education coordinator has done an outstanding job preparing to hand over to her well qualified and enthusiastic successor.  The school is to be commended for succession planning that is established practice within the school."

The quality of collective worship is outstanding because:

"Collective worship is given a high priority and forms a central part of the life of the school.  Acts of collective worship are well planned, have a clear purpose and reflect the liturgical year, religious education topics or relevant themes.  Commendable use is made of time to share with pupils and parents of different faith backgrounds and celebrate a very diverse community.  Acts of worship are engaging for pupils who are active and enthusiastic participants.  Worship opportunities are imaginative."

The Catholic life of the school is outstanding because:

"The school's mission statement is fully embedded in school life with the school living out its aim to value and celebrate."  It is also because "of the rich diversity within the school with pupils explicitly celebrating their different backgrounds and cultures.  There is a consistently determined commitment to the most vulnerable and needy in both policy and practice that serves the community very effectively."

The quality of religious education is good with outsatnding elements because:

"Teachers demonstrate strong subject knowledge and faith commitment.  It supports the accurate use of religious language and vocabulary by pupils.  Pupils' behaviour within lessons and round the school is of a very high order.  Pupils concentrate very well and take pride in their religious education workbooks."

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