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Congratulations to the School Council 2022-23 who have been elected by their peers to represent the views of the pupils on key issues.  Each representative will take any ideas from their class to the meetings, which will be discussed and actions taken.  An example of an issue that the school council have recently tackled include the children’s wish to have a chess club and a creative writing club.  These ideas were taken to the staff and both clubs are now up and running! 


School Council 2022-23

Class School Council Members
Year 1 - Dragonflies Eliza Kendrick
Year 2 - Bublebees Matthew India
Year 3 - Foxes Amin Khloe
Year 4 - Hares Olivia Mario
Year 5 - Hedgehogs Jessica  -
Year 6 - Badgers Finely Manuela

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