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Accessing Google Classroom

On a laptop/computer:

To login to Google Classroom, pupils need to visit classroom.google.com and log in using the details their teacher has provided for them.

Pupil login information is also available from the school office upon request.

On an iPad/iPhone or Android device:

Google Classrooms is best accessed through the dedicated Google Classroom app which is available on the App Store. Look out for this icon:


In addition to the Google Classroom, you will also need to download and install the following Google apps which work together with Classroom:





Finding and completing work on Google classroom

On a laptop/computer:

Pupils will be taught how to find and complete activities (referred to as 'assignments' on Google Classroom) during their

computing lessons.To find homework tasks or home learning (remote learning) activities, your child should visit their classroom

(e.g. 4AH Hares) and then on the Classwork tab at the top of the page.

On the Classwork page will be learning materials (with a bookmark icon) and assignments (with a clipboard icon and a due date).

Clicking on these will open up a preview window and the option to view the material or assignment in more detail.









On an iPad/iPhone:

Visit the classroom page on the Google Classroom app, then click on the Classwork button at the bottom of the page.










Clicking on an assignment or teaching material will open it up to a new page with the instructions on.

To view the attachments or upload files, click on the Your Work area at the bottom of the screen.










The new screen will show attached files and the button that allows you to add attachments (e.g. documents, pictures)

to Hand in to the teacher.












When an assignment attachment is opened, some basic editing tools will appear at the top of the screen.

To begin editing, click on the pencil icon. For more advanced editing tools, click on the share icon

 (a square with an arrow pointing out of it). This will open the attachment is the appropriate Google app (e.g. Google Docs).









Documents on Google apps automatically save. To hand the work in, go back to the Google Classroom app and click on Hand in.





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