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St Mary Magdalen’s PTA

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a group of parents, carers, staff and friends of the school who volunteer their time and effort to organise fundraising events for the school.

Every year we hold a number of events including; Summer & Christmas Fairs, Valentines, Leavers & Christmas Discos, as well as cake sales & film nights and are always open to any suggestions! The best news is that we have a lot of fun doing it and 100% of the profits go to benefit the school and your children!

We have provided the school with books, for which we received some beautiful and touching thank you letters from the children! The school bags and books that your child received as a welcome gift were also funded by the PTA. We have also helped to fund equipment for the classrooms and items from teacher's wish lists!

We also helped to fund a major school project; the redevelopment of the lower playground and are very proud of how successful that makeover has been!  The children think it's great fun and love using it!                                    

We will  contact you throughout the year with information regarding planned events and requesting support where possible.  Look out for news from us in the weekly newsletter & via SchoolPing.  It’s very easy to get involved; bake stuff, buy stuff, come to events, volunteer your time and skills.  Doing one small thing can make a big difference and every contribution of time and effort is gratefully received and appreciated by the children when they reap the rewards of our efforts! 

We will hold open meetings throughout the year so please come along and share your ideas and enthusiasm for this beautiful school and it's amazing children! (Biscuits always provided!)

This year we are utilising the idea of ‘class reps’ in order to increase the support for the PTA and improve the parent communication and input into planned events and new ideas. This is a great way of meeting other parents and becoming more involved in the school community. If this is something you would be interested in doing please let the PTA Chair or the office know.

We are always looking for help, suggestions, ideas and volunteers so please get involved, whatever contribution you can make will make a difference!

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