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Our place in the world


The RE curriculum helps our pupils to understand their place in the world and why they are here. RE supports a secure understanding of the local community, our national context and the wider world.

Language and oracy


RE enables to the children to gain the vocabulary to be able to clearly verbalise their beliefs, feelings and thoughts.

Learning skills


In RE the learning skills support children to be to communicate their feelings, build positive relationships and to compare their views with others.

Healthy body, healthy mind


RE helps children to understand the importance of looking after their bodies and minds. It enables them to think more deeply about why this is important.



At St Mary Magdalen’s we strive to create a family environment with Catholic Life at the centre. Our aim is to help the children to understand their place in this world through the lense of the Catholic faith. We provide daily acts of worship and space for prayer for the children to deepen their relationship with God. We want our children to develop a sense of respect for all faiths and understand the similarities and differences between them.


We follow the RE scheme “Come and See”. Each lesson is based on Scripture and the teachings of the Catholic Church. The children are invited to know and understand different pieces of scripture and how these affect our lives today. The programme also covers multi faiths which enable the children to develop a wider understanding of the world around them.


Our RE curriculum should ensure that children leave St Mary Magdalen’s:  

  • With knowledge and understanding of their place and purpose in the world
  • A deep knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith
  • An understanding of how to develop their own relationship with God
  • An understanding and respect of different faiths and beliefs

How to support your child at home?

We are clear that parents and carers are the prime educators for children on many of these matters and that a priority for parents/carers is their children’s happiness. Therefore at St Mary Magdalen’s we believe that a strong home school relationship is key to our children’s success.

You can support your child at home by:

  • Talking to your children about the topics they have covered at school
  • Asking school if there are any topics that you are worried about talking to your children about.
  • Asking school for support to have these discussions or for strategies to support your child at home. 
  • Attending meeting that cover topics such as internet safety or asking school to sign post you to further support.
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